Lingual Braces

Braces are very adaptable and don’t necessarily have to sit on the front of your teeth. Lingual braces work behind the scenes to give you a dazzling smile without anyone noticing.

Lingual braces and hidden braces

Lingual braces are an alternative for people who require fixed braces and do not wish for their braces to be seen. They are placed on the back of the tooth (rather than traditional ones which are placed on the front) making them hidden from sight.

At Giffnock Orthodontic Centre we always use the best materials wherever possible. For lingual braces we use Incognito which are widely regarded as the best lingual braces on the market. Each bracket is made especially to fit your own teeth from 18 karat gold ensuring that they are sculpted to fit each contour.

The braces are made up of metal brackets which are fixed to the teeth and wires which go through them. Small bands are also used which go round each of the brackets and these come in silver to match the colour of the brackets and wire or if you are feeling adventurous you can select from the many colours we have available. The bands will be changed periodically throughout your treatment so don’t worry if you would prefer green at Christmas and red on Valentine’s Day.

If you have any questions relating to metal braces please contact us and we will answer your question.


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